Thursday, December 13, 2012

My First Coach Bag - The Bag That Started It All

So there was a time back several years ago when I hated Coach *gasp* I know right? Well it's true, at the time I loved Dooney & Bourke bags and had looked at Coach but never saw anything I liked, the C's always seemed to turn me off at the time. I can't really explain that because I always bought the D&B signature bags, but oh well that was how I felt at the time. One day back around 2005-2007 somewhere in the time frame (I can not remember and exact year) I was looking around Macy's at the Dooney counter and happened to look over at the Coach counter and my eyes met a bag and I fell in love. Up until that time I had no interest in Coach, but after seeing the bag, I had to have it. I went right over and looked at it and discovered it was the SoHo Signature S Flap. I thought it looked so classy and nice, especially loved the hardware, the buckles were (and still are) awesome. Well as luck had it had the time Christmas was not too far away, so I told anyone that would listen how much I had to have this particular bag, I loved it and blah blah blah. Well as it turns out I ended up getting it as a gift for Christmas (big surprise right?) Needless to say that is the bag that started my endless Coach obsession. Now I don't even buy Dooney bags anymore....Dooney who?

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