Friday, December 14, 2012

Went to the Coach Boutique Today

I know I said I wasn't really fond of boutique shopping over the outlet and all, however I couldn't resist I just had to buy one item. There was three items I wanted, one they didn't carry, and I had to decide between the other two items. I don't plan on unboxing until Christmas so everyone will have to wait to see what I bought, sorry! However I will say this was my very first visit to a Coach boutique. When I bought full price Coach items before I either purchased at Macy's or ordered online. I was actually very pleased with the service I received  I didn't except the SAs to be as nice or helpful as they was. The women that helped me was very nice, treated me well and even gave me a extra bag when I asked for one. Don't you just love the shopping bags? I think they are so pretty, always have loved legacy stripe. I have something planned for the bags, and I'm working on a project with them. I will post the project when I get ready to do it. Anyway I'm super excited about this purchase and I can't wait until I can use it! Teaser photos below.....

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