Friday, August 19, 2011

Stila Collectible Beach Palettes (#1, #3, and #5) Review and Swatches

Stila Collectible Beach Palettes (#1, #3, and #5)
Grade A
Purchase Price: $14.00 each
Purchase place: Sephora
Other places to purchase:, Ulta

When I first saw these palettes I knew I had to have them. I had purchased a travel palette by Stila before and had liked it, plus being a beach lover made me want them even more. All together there are five Stila collectible beach palettes, I currently have three and I love them! In each beach palette you get 4 eyeshadows, 1 blush and 1 bronzer / highlighter as well as a mirror and a set of instructions on how to apply the colors. I really don't have any complaints about these palettes. All of the colors are very pigmented and have good staying power, especially when used with a primer. Also there are some nice colors for both winter and summer in my opinion. Some of the shades don't show up very well on my tan summer skin however in the winter those colors will be lovely. I didn't notice any smell to any of the palettes and I also didn't have any skin or eye irritation. I think the value is wonderful for what you get and I recommend purchasing especially if you love Stila products.

Stunning in Sayulita - Collectable Beach Palette #1
Four 0.15 oz Eyeshadows - Starfish, Sandbar, Getaway, Palm Trees
One 0.11 oz Blush - Playa
One 0.11 oz Bronzer / Highlighter - Banderas Bay

left to right: (top row) starfish, sandbar (row two) getaway, palm trees (top cheek color) playa (bottom cheek color) banderas bay

(without flash) left to right: starfish, sandbar, getaway, palm trees, playa, banderas bay

(taken in sunlight) left to right: starfish, sandbar, getaway, palm trees, playa, banderas bay

Striking in South Beach - Collectable Beach Palette #3
Four 0.15 oz Eyeshadows - Ocean Drive, Wave, Nightlife, Cabana
One 0.11 Oz Blush - Art Deco
One 0.11 Oz Bronzer - Sobe

left to right: (top row) ocean drive, wave (row two) nightlife, cabana (top cheek color) Art Deco (bottom cheek color) Sobe

(without flash) left to right: ocean drive, wave, nightlife, cabana, art deco, sobe

Living Life in Laguna - Collectable Beach Palette #5
Four 0.15 oz Eyeshadows - Sand Dollar, Sunset, Cove, Bonfire
One 0.11 Oz Blush - Seashell
One 0.11 Oz Bronzer - Pacific Coast Highway

left to right: (top row) Sand Dollar, Sunset (row two) Cove, Bonfire (top cheek color) Seashell (bottom cheek color) Pacific Coast Highway

(without flash) top to bottom: pacific coast highway, seashell, bonfire, cove, sunset, sand dollar

(taken in sunlight) left to right: sand dollar, sunset, cove, bonfire, seashell, pacific coast highway

palette photos:

Not pictured or reviewed:
Stila Haute in the Hamptons - Collectable Beach Palette #2
Stila Wonderful in Waikiki - Collectable Beach Palette #4


  1. Thanks for the swatches! I've always wanted to buy the palettes but my local Ulta doesn't have a sample palette to swatch.

  2. You're welcome, hope they was helpful. Which palette are you interested in buying?


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