Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Old Navy Haul

I've been meaning to do a Old Navy haul for about a month now. I bought these things roughly a month ago and just have not got around to take photos and posting the haul. With the holidays and things, there just hasn't been enough time to get everything posted that I've wanted to post when I've wanted to post it.

I've had to replace my winter clothes this year, I've lost a ton of weight and everything was huge on me so out with the old and in with the new! I decided to spread tissue paper out on our table when taking these photos, to prevent scratches from zippers, etc. so just ignore the awful green color. So let's just get right to the haul today shall we...

First up I bought two pair of jeans (only one pictured, because I started wearing the other pair.) I bought two pair of The Sweetheart in Skinny. Paid $29.50 each

I also bought a new jacket. It's wind proof and waterproof (wish it had a hood!) however I do love it especially the color, it's super soft and I know it's going to be good and warm. This was the most expensive item I bought at $44.00

I also bought a performance fleece mock zip, and I just adore this color. The day I bought this I paid $10.00 for it. I ended up picking up the wrong size accidentally and took it back the very next day...only paid $8.50 for it!

Decided to buy these pants to wear around the house.

I also bought 2 pairs of gloves and a new scarf, don't you just love that bright melon color? I know I do I love brights, especially for winter! Didn't really need these but couldn't resist, bought the scarf because of the color and the gloves because of the colors and the great deal I got. I bought both pairs of gloves for only $5.00! Sorry the pink gloves got washed out a bit from the flash.

Next I bought two perfect long sleeve tees. I bought to because you got a good deal if you bought more then one. I only have one pictured because I started wearing the other. The other one I bought is a bright light blue.

The last item I bought was a sweater, and admittedly I bought this one mostly because of the color. It appears to be almost a Tiffany Blue, in real life it looks closer to the color. I believe Old Navy calls the color Airwalker.

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