Thursday, September 15, 2011

Benefit Sugarbomb Review

Benefit Sugarbomb
Grade: A+
Purchase Place: Sephora
Purchase Price: $28.00

Above: photo taken in natural light without flash

photo taken in natural light with flash

Sugarbomb is something that I debated on getting for awhile but wanted really badly. Seeing as how it's a shimmery peachy pink shade I was never sure it would show it well on my skintone. Most peachy colors especially peachy matte shades never seem to show up well on me, and I generally use them on days where I don't want my makeup to be very obvious. I swatched Sugarbomb in Sephora at least 5 different times on the back of my arm on different occasions. When I swatched it sometimes it would show up well and sometimes not, so I was always kind of on the fence with it. When I did my last Sephora haul, I thought what they heck? I wanted it so I went ahead and purchased it. Let me tell you something, I sure am glad I purchased Sugarbomb. On my cheeks with my skintone the way it is right now, it's simply stunning. I absolutely adore Sugarbomb, it looks great without being overdone. It's a very nice peachy shimmery color and I must say I've never owned anything like it before. I decided to use a regular blush brush with it instead of the little brush it comes with, which worked out very nicely for me. I lightly applied Sugarbomb to the apples of my cheeks and blended out along my cheekbone to my hairline and it looked fabulous. As you can see from my photos Sugarbomb is a combination of 4 colored triangles. A peach shade, a light pink, a coral color and a lavender shade. Now given the shade combinations you would think  that if you swatched all the shades they would all be different colors but with this blush no matter what shade you swatch they all come out a peachy pink color, which is odd but cool. Of the Benefit boxed powders that I own I have a feeling this will be the one I use the most and repurchase the most, I love it that much! Benefit boxed powders are always very good quality and this one is no exception. I found this product to be very easy to work with and didn't cause me any skin irritation. I do notice this product has a smell and to me it smells like something I have smelled before and the closest scent I can relate to it is citronella candles or a acne wash I used to use as a teenager. It don't smell bad to me I just think of a citronella candle when I smell it generally. The only time I do notice the scent is when i put my nose to it and sniff I don't smell anything when the product is on my face, so thats good. Overall if this is a product you are interested in purchasing I say go for it especially if you like shimmery peachy pink shades, you will love it!

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  1. Love it, this will definitely be my next Benefit box bush!


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