Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sephora Haul

I decided to stop by Sephora and pick up a few things and this is what I decided to purchase...
First up is the samples I got: Benefit Porefessional, Urban Decay eyeshadow primers (sample of all four), Clean Cotton T-shirt perfume, Sephora super supreme body butter, and Clarins UV Plus HP sunscreen

 I also decided to get the Stila Cool Lipgloss set of 3. I bought the warm set not to long ago and loved it so I had to have the cool set as well. Which to me these are a really good deal you get a set of 3 or only $12.00 and i believe if you would purchase just one of these they are something like $22.00 each so seems like a good deal to me especially since I like having a variety of colors to pick from.

 Next up i got some more lipgloss i picked up the Buxom Fashion Show & Tell set. Which contains seven mini lip glosses and even though they are small I only paid $15.00 for this so still seems like a good deal considering I believe the original price of these was around $30.00. Now these are very small but I wanted them any way because given the fact I don't wear the same lipgloss all the time these should last me awhile and the colors look really pretty!

Now this is the thing I'm most excited about I got the benefit little look goods set for FREE. I had 500 points in my beauty bank and when I saw this I knew this was worth the points. I'm so excited about this I've been contemplating getting dandelion for awhile now but haven't picked it up until now. Now I admit the Dandelion that comes in this set is NOT full size. The box is the same size as all the other benefit face powder boxes but this Dandelion is 0.25 Oz while the full size is 0.42 Oz. However given the fact that it wasn't full size I was a bit disappointed however, I'm still very happy I got it. The set also came with a small That Gal face primer as well as a small Bad Gal Lash mascara and I've very excited to try all of these seeing as how I've never purchased any of these before.

Next up is something I'm also very excited about I purchased Benefit Sugarbomb. I've also wanted this awhile but was always afraid it wouldn't show up on my skin very well. After swatching Sugarbomb on at least ten different different trips to Sephora and it showing up decent about half the time I decided to go ahead and purchase this.

The last thing I decided to pick up is a mini body butter by the body shop and I got it in Cocoa Butter, which smells fantastic but it don't seem to be nearly as full as my mini coconut body butter I bought not to long ago, but I still love it!

Anyone interested in purchasing these products? Anyone own any of these products? Let me know what you think!

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