Wednesday, June 15, 2011

ELF Studio Bronzer Review

Purchase Place:
Price I Paid: $3.00 each
Grade: A

left to right: ELF Studio Golden Bronzer, ELF Studio Warm Bronzer

These are a product I had to have when i saw them on I absolutely love bronzers and have a ton of them, of all the bronzers I own these two are my favorites. When it comes to bronzer I like a light bronzer that's not muddy and gives a subtle color enhancement, and i also love for my bronzers to have a nice highlight shimmer. These two bronzers deliver on that especially the golden bronzer which of the two is my favorite and my go to everyday summertime bronzer. The Golden Bronzer is perfect for me and my needs, really can't say enough about it. It's perfect for lighter skinned people as well as those just wanting a hint of color and shimmer. It not only a bronzer but  it makes a nice summer glow as well, it gives me just enough of a healthy shimmery glow when I use it. I apply with the ELF studio Kabuki (does not come with the bronzer, must purchase separately) and it it's perfection. The Warm Studio Bronzer is also of my favorite but I generally only use this when I'm really tan, or sun burnt, or just on days i want more of a darker color pronounced color. I've been using both of these heavily now for two months and don't have anything bad to say. I only need a little product to get the desired effect I want, so even with me heavily using them for two months i have not put a dent in the product, I still have a ton left. They are not powdery, they do not cause any skin irritation, and as you can see they come in a nice professional looking sleek black casewith a big mirror (kind of similar to NARS). ELF also has a third studio bronzer in "cool" which I do not own but I have heard it is matte, and tends to be much darker. I've considered getting the cool bronzer but seeing as how I'm a shimmer lover, matte just don't get it for me. However if you are looking for a matte, dark bronzer I would suggest trying to studio cool bronzer and seeing how you like it. When I do finally run out of these I will be purchasing these again for sure, I'm very pleased with this product and if you are anything like me when it comes to a bronzer I highly recommend buying these and trying them for yourself.


  1. thx for sharing and reviewing
    please do more products reviews

  2. You're welcome! :) I plan on doing many more reviews in the future, in fact I've got several planned for this week for various products. If there is any product in particular that you would like to see a review on let me know!


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