Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Too Faced Glamour To Go II Review

Too Faced Glamour To Go II Palette
Price: $19.50
Purchase Place: Sephora
Grade: A

What the box looks like

out of the box


lipglosses and blush

Before I bought this product I had never purchased a Too Faced product before. When I saw this at Sephora I thought this would be the perfect way for me to try out some too faced eyeshadow and blush as well as get a couple of cute lip glosses in the process. I'm really happy that I purchased this product because i really love it. I was honestly very surprised by this little palette, because the one thing I usually like the least in palettes is lipgloss but these lip glosses I love. In my experience lip glosses in palettes tend to be hard, not at all portable, and have very little color payoff, generally they are junk.However with Glamour To Go the lip glosses are just the opposite, they are very creamy, very pigmented and very travel friendly, my favorite of the glosses is a pretty golden pink which is in the right hand corner. The blush is also very nice, it's a peachy pink color which has good color payoff and looks very natural when applied. There is one downside with the blush, when I used my blush brush the blush was very powdery, which can be messy if you don't be careful when when using the blush. I really liked the eyeshadows as well, the photos don't really do the colors justice, in my opinion the colors are prettier when you see them in real life. They seem to be very natural looking, they are not in your face bright especially if you blend them out a little, and you can do a very nice looking smokey eye with this palette. To me the colors have a nice shimmer but they are not over the top shimmery, they have just the right amount. I didn't use any primer with the eye shadows and they staid on nicely the whole day. This palette is obviously very portable, it comes with a mirror the size of the palette and I would say it's no more than 4 inches long and 2-2 1/2 inches wide. The eyeshadows are on the top of the palette and the four lip glosses and blush are in a slide out try on the bottom. For those of you who have sensitive skin or are sensitive to smells this product did not cause me any irritation at all, however this product is scented. To me this product smells lightly of vanilla / chocolate cake batter. However I only noticed the smell when I opened the palette and used it, but when the the makeup was on I did not smell anything. Overall this is a excellent buy for only $20.00 you get 8 eyeshadows, a blush and 4 nice lip glosses.

Who might love this product: those wanting a very portable palette, those wanting to try too faced, or those on a budget who want to buy some nice makeup
Those who may not like this product: anyone who is sensitive to smells

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