Saturday, December 1, 2012

AE Warm & Fuzzy Boot Review

AEO Warm & Fuzzy Boot
Color: Chestnut
Price: $29.99
Place of Purchase: American Eagle (AE)
(sorry my pair is a bit wore and just a little dirty)

I've loved the Ugg style boots for about 3-4 years now. When I first started buying them I didn't want to spend the nearly $200.00 on a pair of boots, plus I wasn't sure how often I'd wear them so I ended up buying something very similar to the Ugg boot. I started off buying the AE Warm & Fuzzy boots, the first pair I bought was in the color Sand. I loved them the first day I wore them and I wore them that whole winter, never wore anything else. I love how you can put your jeans down in them, and they don't drag on the ground. The germ freak in me is very pleased with that fact. I also like that they are warm and very comfortable. A family member noticed how much I loved them and ended up buying me a second pair last year for Christmas in the Chestnut color. Well needless to say I ended up wearing the AE Warm & Fuzzy boots in sand all of last year and put the new pair away for later use. I wore the Sand color until they was dirty and wore out, ended up throwing them away this past spring. This Winter I pulled out the Chestnut color from AE and started wearing them this October. I have not had any quality issues with either pair, other then general wear and tear from constant use for years. I wore the sand pair three years (late fall and early spring use as well) and so far I have wore the chestnut about 3 months or so with constant everyday use. Not only does the AE Warm & Fuzzy Boot look exactly like a Ugg boot with the same style but they also have nearly the exact same colors as Ugg does. I think the Sand color is a exact match for both boots. The chestnut color on the Warm & Fuzzy is a little lighter then the Ugg chestnut color. Even though I've upgraded to Uggs I will probably continue to buy the Warm & Fuzzy boots for days it is wet out, because even though I bought the protectant spray I don’t want to get the Uggs dirty. When my Warm & Fuzzy Chestnut gets dirty or too old for wear I plan on buying my third pair. So the Warm & Fuzzy boot will still be my everyday boot like it is now. I adore the Warm & Fuzzy by AE and highly recommend. For the amount of wear I got and the price I paid, you really can’t beat them! If you love the Ugg style and don't like the price tag these are a excellent alternative to the original Ugg boot!

Anyone else have the AE Warm & Fuzzy boots? What do you think of them?

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