Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Massive Sephora haul, my biggest and most expensive haul ever!!

Ok so as most of you may already know I've been planning a Sephora haul for a little while now. This is a massive haul and defiantly my biggest haul ever, it's actually kind of massive. First of all I want to explain I purchased all of these items at two different times within a week. I placed one order online and than went to one of our local Sephora stores and purchased the rest. Second this is a very rare beauty haul for me i generally never spend this much in such a short amount of time, especially at one place. This massive haul is something I obsessed over for about a week or so before I actually made any purchases, the majority of what i purchased was bought in store and when I was in Sephora looking around I decided to go a little crazy and get most of the items I've been wanting lately.As always with Sephora the service I received was outstanding, not only online but in store. In store the employees are very friendly and attended to my every need, even giving me some free samples of a item they was out of that I wanted to buy.If you would like to see a review of any of the items I've bought feel free to post a comment and let me know, however I am planning to do reviews on many of the items that I have purchased.

First of all these are the 3 free samples that came with my Sephora order.

Sephora had a promotion going and they had a deluxe sample of Escada Taj Sunset so I decided to get that. Also since I had 100 points in my beauty bank at the time I got a free deluxe sample of Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes Eyeliner in Black.

Also since I had a birthday in the last few weeks I got both of these Philosophy Happy Birthday Beautiful (shampoo,shower gel, and bubble bath) for free. I got one online and than when I went to sephora and told them it was my birthday they gave me another one, which is pretty cool.

I purchased the Smashbox 1oz Photo Finish Foundation Primer. At first I purchased the travel size but later decided to take it back and buy the full size version. 

I've been wanting both of these Urban Decay eyeshadow primers for awhile now. I have the original which I love and wanted to buy both of these as well so I purchased Greed and Sin.

When looking at the Urban Decay primers I decided I wanted to purchase the Urban Decay Rollergirl Palette. I kind of already wanted it but after I swatched it on the back of my hand, it was a must buy. Admittedly it was mainly Woodstock that made me want to purchase this palette.

I was wanting some new lipglosses and these seemed like a great deal, plus I've always loved buxom lipglosses so I decided to purchase the Buxom Rockstars set.

Since I saw the new Stila collectable Beach palettes I've been obsessed with them. Not only are they a good value but since I love the beach these was a must have for me. I already own one of these and decided to pick up two more.

I went a little NARS crazy this haul and purchased several items. I had been wanting to try to NARS illuminator for awhile now and decided to buy the illuminator in super orgasm. I also decided to purchase a new NARS blush which I bought in Torrid. While looking at all the NARS items I went ahead and purchased the Nailpolish in Orgasm as well. As for the bronzer I bought it was something i decided to purchase after I found out my local Sephora does not carry Too Faced Chocolate Soleil which I had been obsessing over for a few week and wanting to purchase. So I decided to look at the NARS bronzers which I've always heard good things about but never tried. I looked at Laguna but when I swatched it on the lightest part of my arm it didn't show up much so i decided to purchase NARS Casino Bronzer.

Now this NARS blush I must say I did not purchase, this was given to me by my mother. She had purchased it a few months ago and after trying several times to wear it she decided it wasn't right for her, that it was just too dark on her so she decided to give it to me. This blush is NARS orgasm, which i already have but now I have a backup. I decided to go ahead and put in in my Sephora Haul since it was given to me the same day I went shopping.

I saw this palette awhile ago and instantly fell in love with it and know i just had to have it. So I decided to go ahead and purchase it. The palette is by too Faced and it's called the Natural Eye Palette.

I also saw this palette awhile ago and like with the too faced palette I instantly loved it and wanted to get it, so I went ahead and purchased it. I bought the Lorac Little Black Palette.

This item was more or less a spur of the moment purchase. I was looking around at the rollerball display in Sephora and after sniffing a few of them I loved this scent the most of the ones they had and put in my basket. The rollerball is by Marc Jacobs and it's called Daisy

These are a few random items I've been wanting for awhile and decided to purchase them as well. The first item is by The Body Shop and it is a mini size body butter in Coconut. I purchased the Philosophy Coconut Frosting Lipshine as well. I also purchased the original Rosebud Salve, I have the Strawberry version and decided to get the original. I've also been wanting a gold eyeliner for sometime now and i had planned to get the Sephora Jumbo liner, but found the Stila Eyeliner for only $5.00 so instead of paying $10.00 for the Sephora liner I bought the Stila liner instead.

I also purchased the Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Tipsy

I had been wanting the smashbox softbox lipgloss set, however when i went to purchase it, my local Sephora did not have it and I bought these instead. I bought the Stila lipglaze trio in warm.

After seeing the Make Up For Ever hot pink blush I knew I had to have it. I've seen people use it as eyeshadow and it always looks so pretty so I decided to purchase it for myself. I also made a impulse buy which was the Make Up For Ever travel size Mist & Fix, which I've never used before but wanted to try.

Finally the last three items are these and they was pretty much impulse buys because I saw them and wanted to try them or because I loved them when I swatched them. The first is Sephora Blasted nailpolish in black, the second is Sephora glossy Gloss in Candy Necklace, and the third is the Sephora Jumbo Liner in Taupe.

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