Sunday, August 14, 2011

My Makeup & Beauty Collection

I just wanted to post some updated photos of my makeup table, storage and collection, in case there are some of you who want to know what is in my collection or want some ideas for storage. My collection has grown a lot since my last blog post of this type. My collection is pretty much outgrowing my tiffany blue makeup tower, but if i rearrange some items I wont have to stack items and I'll have more room for new purchases. My makeup table isn't exactly a finished project, I still need to purchase a big mirror as well as a nice chair or bench to go with it. Along with my makeup table I also have what I call my beauty bookcase, which before I got my makeup table and tower, was where I stored all of my makeup and beauty products. Now my beauty bookshelf is about half full but odds are i'll fill it back up eventually. Now I mainly use the beauty bookcase to store my nailpolish and bath and body items.

my makeup table which is where i keep my perfumes, big palettes, samples, liners, makeup brushes, and various other makeup items that I want to have here.

my makeup storage tower

The random item drawer in my makeup storeage tower. This is where items go that don't fit in the other drawers. There are blushes, eyeshadows, foundation, samples, and so on. Basically anything and everything gets put in here.

This is my eyeshadow drawer, i use this drawer for all of my single eyeshadows.

This is the blush drawer

here is the face drawer, it holds my powders, foundations, bronzers and anything else for the face.

finally here is my lipgloss / lipstick / chapstick drawer

now on to my beauty bookcase, here is my body spray shelf, the rows go three deep.

here is a random half enpty shelf with a few things on it.

this shelf is where my nailpolish stays

and last but not least this shelf has my hair products, lotions, tanning products and a few various other items stored on it.

There is a fifth shelf on my bookcase but i don't have anything on it at the moment so I decided not to show it.

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  1. I love the make up tower! It's perfect for everything and I love posts like this!


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