Thursday, November 29, 2012

Victoria's Secret Haul

I had three Victoria's Secret discount cards.

The secret rewards is a card that you never know what the discount will be until you get to the register. Your card was guaranteed to be at least a $10.00 discount, however it could have been $50, $100 or even $500. I knew the odds of me having a $100 or $500 card was slim to none but I had hoped for a $50. Well I wasn't very lucky, my card only ended up being worth $10.00. However at the same time I was happy because $10.00 off a item is still money I don't have to pay.

The secret rewards card looks like this:

The other discount card was exactly the same as my secret rewards turned out to be. I had another for $10.00 off and I also had a extra card for a free makeup bag. However I didn't use to makeup bag card because it didn't kick in until Dec 5-8, plus you have to spend $75.00 to get the free really it isn't free.

Here is what the other discount cards looked like..

However I did end up using my two other discount cards, used both today but on different transactions. I wasn't sure they would let me use two discount cards in one day, but they did. I ended up getting a makeup bag, and a pair of the holiday of the jungle bell pair.

Makeup Bag:
Orig: $15.00 Price I paid after discount: $5.00 (before tax)

Holiday Jingle Bell Underwear:
Orig: $18.50 Price I paid after discount: $8.50 (before tax)

The makeup bag I got, I actually had no clue they had and did not plan on using one on a makeup bag. When I went to the register, they had the makeup bags right there where you check out and the ended up catching my eye, and I loved them when I first saw them. I bought the largest size they had. However they had two smaller sizes. One was a small makeup bag and the other was a small brush case. The small makeup bag was also $15.00 and the brush case was $12.00 if I remember right. I kind of wish I would have bought all three but I did not. I really love this large makeup bag, it's so pretty! I had a hard time taking photos of the makeup bag because of the glitter and the camera flash. I know you can't see it very well, but it has Victoria's Secret on it at the top in gold letters.

As I said I got a pair of holiday jingle bell underwear as well. I'm not going to post a actual photo of the underwear but i'll post a photo of the bag it's in. lol 

Jingle, Jingle!

Anyone else have a secret rewards card? What was your worth? Any really lucky $500.00 winners!?

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