Saturday, February 25, 2012

Old Navy Haul

Well as I said in a post earlier this month G.A. is also going to have clothes, shoes and handbags featured on it now so with that said here is the first non beauty haul of the blog. I've been wanting and needing some new clothes and shoes lately so I decided to go shopping at Old Navy the other day while I was out and pick up a few items. I'm pretty sure this is the first of many clothes hauls i will be doing this spring/summer. I found so many things at Old Navy that I wanted i'm ready planning to go back next week and buy more.

The first thing I decided to buy was this pencil skirt. I dropped a size since last year so now i need some new skirts and shorts for summer so this was the first thing on my list to buy.

The next item I bought is this pink and orange stripped tank top. I love the color combo and it's really bright and will be something cool to wear this summer.

The last thing I bought I really didn't need at all considering how many pairs of flip flops I own that I haven't clipped tags off of yet but I couldn't resist them, they was just too darn colorful!

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