Friday, May 10, 2013

What's In My Bag - May 2013

I've changed out my bag to a bag I've never really carried much since I bought it a year and a half ago. I decided to carry one of my leather coach bags. I really like this bag, even more so since I've been carrying it lately and really using it for the first time. I love this bag because it has to Cs embossed into it, and I love the size of this bag it's huge so I can put just about anything I want into it and i'm ready to go, plus I love the metallic bronze color so much. I did have to prop it up against something to get it to stand upright because it don't have much structure to it at all.

So what's in my bag?

1. Our new Garmin GPS my husband and I purchased a few weeks back.
2. My free calendar I picked up at Hallmark a few months back.
3. My little blue change purse I picked up of all places at the Dollar Tree a few weeks ago. I've been seeing jelly purse accessories for awhile now, they seem to be getting popular and I've been wanting on so I saw it at the dollar store and decided I didn't want to tear up my Vera Bradley wristlet with change so I bought it for my change instead.
4. My Coach Ocelot business card holder I use as a small wallet
5. My USB for my classes
6. A pen
7. My Coach umbrella, I've been keeping it in my purse a lot lately since the weather hasn't been all that great.
8. My keys

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