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Ugg Australia - Classic Tall Chestnut Boots

I've loved the Ugg style boots for about 3-4 years now. When I first started buying them I didn't want to spend the nearly $200.00 on a pair of boots, plus I wasn't sure how often i'd wear them so I ended up buying something very similar to the Ugg boot. I started off buying the AE Warm & Fuzzy boots, the first pair I bought was in the color Sand. I loved them the first day I wore them and I wore them that whole winter, never wore anything else. I love how you can put your jeans down in them, and they don't drag on the ground. The germ freak in me is very pleased with that fact. I also like that they are warm and very comfortable. A family member noticed how much I loved them and ended up buying me a second pair last year for Christmas in the Chestnut color. Well needless to say I ended up wearing the AE Warm & Fuzzy boots in sand all of last year and put the new pair away for later use. I wore the Sand color until they was dirty and wore out, ended up throwing them away this past spring. This Winter I pulled out the Chestnut color from AE and started wearing them this October. If you are curious as to of what the American Eagle Warm & Fuzzy boots in Chestnut looks like, here they are:

AE: $29.99 (sorry mine is a bit dirty)

My parents offered to buy me the Original Ugg Australia boots for Christmas this year so I took them up on the offer and so I ended up getting Uggs as one of my Christmas gifts from them. Yeah I know you are probably asking me why I have them out over a month before Christmas taking photos of them. My parents decided to shop early and took me to buy them a couple of weeks ago. They decided to let me keep them at my house just not use them until after Christmas, because they want to wrap them and put them under my tree for me. I know you really shouldn't know what you get for Christmas but my family is weird like that with me. They never could keep Christmas gifts a secret from me when I was little so they gave up and I always know ahead of time what i'm getting at least from them anyway. Also from my husband as well for the most part because I generally tell him what I want and I generally go with him to pick it out and purchase the items.  However I believe I have gotten a bit off track here, sorry about that. I tend to go off topic once in awhile. Back to Uggs...

I decided to get the Classic Tall, even though I never bought the tall boot before. I saw them and decided I liked them best when I was picking out what boots I wanted. I picked them for several reasons, One reason being that you can roll the boots down if you choose, so the fuzzy inside shows. I thought that it would be a nice change from time to time to roll them down, for a bit of a different look. I ended up having to purchase them at Journeys in the mall, since that was the only place that carried them around here. The purchase price was $209.99 without taxes added on. I ended up purchasing a size 8, granted it is a bit snug on me (they don't come in half sizes). However I was told they do stretch out with wear, so i'm not worried about the size. I also ended up purchasing a care kit, but I will explain about that later on.

So as I said I ended up purchasing the Ugg sheepskin care kit. I wasn't going to purchase it but the guy made it sound like a great deal, in which it was. It comes with the conditioner, protector, and the freshener plus it comes with a little cleaning tool. If I was to buy just the protector alone it would have been $10.00, so for only $20.00 I got the entire care kit, not a bad deal in my opinion. The kit comes in a really nice heavy box, which reminds me of a Louis Vuitton box in a way.

I didn't know it came with cards until I opened the box while ago, which i'm actually impressed by. The cards are for authenticity. They give you general information on the boot, how to authenticate your boots and so on. 

As I have said I can't wear them yet, so I can't comment on wear, or how they really feel other then what it was like to try them on. I know I will love them when I do wear them and I'm really happy I got them as one of my Christmas gifts. I took a few more photos of the boots, for those of you that would like a closer look. If you have any questions about the boots feel free to ask me and if I can i'll be more then happy to answer your Ugg related Questions.

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