Saturday, November 24, 2012

A Question: How to Store Designer Handbags and Accessories?

With my ever expanding collection of bags and accessories it had come to my attention that I need somewhere to store my bags and accessories.

At the moment my accessories are in a area of our chest and i'm almost out of room in the chest for my accessories. Not only that but I hate to keep them hidden away. I would like to be able to display my accessories in an area where they are not only eye catching but also free from dust and dust as well as displayed in a way to minimize fading and damage.

This is my current accessories set up.

I keep my wristlets lined in the front, my scarfs wrapped in a plastic bag and folded neatly, my charms in boxes and dust bags, other wristlets / pouches in dust bags in the back and other accessories to the side.

Ideally I would love to be able to display EVERYTHING including my scarf collection however I have yet to figure out how to do all this.

Ideas for my accessories collection:
Shadowbox charms
Get a ornament tree to display charms on (keep in a glass enclosed area)
Also store accessories in a much larger area of a China Cabinet (I hope to purchase)

As for my handbags I'm ashamed to say they are stored rather haphazardly in our closet. They are all over the place in the closet. Some are stored in dust bags, some in plastic (because they didn't come with dust bags  and some are laying out in the open with no protection from dirt or dust. I HATE this setup and wont even post photos, because truthfully it isn't even a setup. I really want to display my handbags as well in a area that they will be free from dust, dirt, fading and damage. About the only idea I have is to buy a china cabinet that matches out furniture and use it for my bags and accessories. I would have a very nice glass enclosed area to display things in. I would also have several areas below for storage.

I've heard that storing bags in plastic is a bad idea and that you should use acid free tissue paper. Anyone heard this? Is it true?

How do all of you store your bags and accessories?
Do any of you have any ideas of other ways I could store or display my bags?

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