Thursday, August 9, 2012

Ralph Lauren Polo Haul

I went to the Ralph Lauren Polo factory store yesterday and found these flip flops and just had to have them. I ended up buying two pair the same color and another pair in a different color. They had two other color choices but didn't care for them as much they was stripped not plaid and they was bright pink and bright blue. Originally my flip flops was $29.00 each and was marked down to $12.99 each and I ended up getting an additional 30% off that which made them $9.09 each, excellent deal. Ended up buying 3 pair for the original price of one. Have a factory store near you? highly recommend going and picking up a few pairs they even have 1 rubber pair if those are more your style. I tried the ones I bought on in the store and they are not only cute but comfy as well.

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