Friday, September 2, 2011

Nivea Creme Tin Review

Nivea Creme Tin
Grade: A
Purchase Price: 99 cents
Purchase Place: Ulta

This is one of those products that was such a good price that I pretty much just had to have it. With Fall and Winter rolling around I was needing some good moisturizers for both home and on the go and when I saw the Nivea Creme Tin I knew this had to be one of my purchases. Now I will admit it has been many years since i bought a Nivea product, mainly because i generally have a stockpile of various lotions from Bath & Body Works and Victorias Secret that I don't feel the need to buy lotions often. Now I still have what I call my stockpile of lotions but I decided to branch out this year and purchase something different and I sure am glad I did. This Nivea Creme Tin is small but it packs a punch. The first thing I noticed when I used this product is how thick this cream is, and how smooth and soft it felt to the touch. When applying this it almost absorbed into my skin instantly with very little rubbing. It is a creme that can be used everyday but would be wonderful on extremely dry skin, it's highly moisturizing. It does have a scent but to me it is not offensive it just smells like a soft fresh scent that drugstore lotions seem to have, I actually like the scent. However it's not something you can smell floating in the air after you put it on, in order to smell it I actually have to bring my hand to my nose and sniff. That being said though I have only applied to my hands and no where else so applied more extensively the smell could be a little stronger. I also love the little tin it is in, however I do not think this would be very travel friendly unless you find a way to secure the top maybe with a rubber band. The top is very easy to come off, so I think that if thrown in a handbag or makeup bag it would be a very big mistake. Overall It's a great product for a great price, I don't really see where anyone could go wrong purchasing this. I wish I could find a bigger size in this, I did look at Ulta but I didn't see it in a bigger tin or tube but I could have somehow overlooked it. This will be one of those products that I will purchase again in the future, and probably will purchase more than one when I do purchase it again.

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