Sunday, March 3, 2013

Potpourri Baskets

I decided I wanted some baskets around the house a few months back. Only problem is after I got them I had noting to put in them. One day while looking around at Michaels I got the idea to put potpourri in them. I found some beach looking, blue, beach scented potpourri at Michaels. It was a pretty decent price I believe I only paid about $7.00 each for them, and I picked up a few of them. When I got home I added the potpourri to the baskets. However they lacked something, they needed a little something more. After thinking a few minutes I decided to raid my seashell collection and add a few real shells to each basket (the potpourri already had some fake ones in it, but it needed a more real looking shell or two) and also added a few colored gems to the mix and there you have it. My beach looking potpourri baskets was made.I have a few sitting around the house these days and plan to add more in the future. It's a fast, simple and cheap way to add a little color and it makes a pretty decor piece.

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