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Calling All Myrtle Beach Brides and Brides to Be!

For all of you getting married in Myrtle Beach SC, I have some information and recommendations you might be interested in. My husband and I got married in Myrtle Beach SC in July 2010. We actually got married at Myrtle Beach State Park on the beach during the evening. We also had my day after the wedding trash the dress photos done at Huntington Beach State Park and we had our honeymoon in Myrtle Beach as well. I was obviously a destination bride, because we didn't live anywhere near SC. We had a small wedding, just immediate family members  and a small reception after the wedding, in a picnic area at MBSP. I planned our wedding myself and I thought I might share some information and who I used for our wedding and give some reviews. Keep in mind I planned our wedding from a long way away, without ever meeting anyone I hired for our wedding, face to face until a few days before the wedding.

There are some things I can not help with because I bought these items before going to Myrtle.
Dress - By PC Marys, bought from local bridal shop (Yes I got married on the beach in a big ball gown)
Rings - Local Jewelry Store
Bride Gear - bride tank top, honeymoon flip flops, bridal bag to carry around for appoints the day of the wedding and so on - Classy Bride (can shop online or through catalog)
Veil - Davids Bridal
Tiara - Davids Bridal
Bridal Flip Flops - Davids Bridal (which i only wore to and from the wedding, went barefoot during the wedding. I wanted my feet in the sand when I said I do)
Suit, shoes, tie, shirt - bought locally
Serving Set - Things Remembered
Other Jewelry - I owned or borrowed
Garter - Ordered online

The Flowers:
I had to have a bouquet, even thought we had a small wedding I just couldn't do without a bouquet. My bouquet actually meant a whole lot to me, at the time I was heavily into flowers and worked at a florist shop myself back home. I had always wanted a beautiful bouquet and I had a special way I wanted my bouquet laid out, from the colors, numbers of type of flowers, and flower types and even the type of greenery. We also got my husbands boutineer there as well. I actually did a lot of research on florist shops in Myrtle. I wore Google out, called places, gauged places by how I was treated on the phone, got price quotes and so on. After many weeks of research for just the bouquet I finally ended up going with...

North Myrtle Beach Florist

I picked NMB florist for several reasons:
1. I read about everyone experience and given that and some other information I had read about, that was a big seller for me.
2. He charged me the highest price of everyone I contacted. You are probably going wait....WHAT?! Yeah i picked NMB florist based on the highest price. I've always heard the term you get what you pay for, I didn't want my bouquet messed up and I decided to go with a florist based on the highest price. Remember cheaper isn't always better, you really do get what you pay for. Remember  going in without seeing or knowing anything about the business, I figured it would help to insure the quality of my bouquet.
3. When I called they treated me well, with respect. They didn't make me feel like it was too much trouble. There was a few florists I called that made me feel like they was doing me a favor by doing my bouquet, made me feel like it was just too much trouble. Not at NMB florist, they took down what I wanted, how I wanted it done, and was very patient with me and friendly. I will admit I called a lot, to change some things, double check and recheck and make sure all the information was correct, and they were always friendly.

It was a bit of a drive from where I was staying, about a half hour or so to go pick it up. However when I saw it, it was well worth the money i paid for it. The bouquet was simply stunning, it was just beautiful! They did an amazing job with the bouquet and I had a great experience with North Myrtle Beach Florist  I highly recommend that everyone go there to get their flowers done!

They fixed it in a box to I could travel with it. Here is what my bouquet looked like..

The Photographer:
I did a ton of research on this as well. I again just had to have a photographer, because I didn't want crappy wedding photos from throw away camera family brought. I wanted beautiful photos and exotic trash the dress photos. One day when I was searching Google I ran into the photographer I ended up using. I was impressed by their work and even more impressed when I contacted them. They were super friendly and they gave me a very good price. I got our wedding day photos and my trash the dress photos for only $750.00. On this I didn't necessarily go by highest price, but went more by the quality of work on the website and  how comfortable I was contacting them. I'm not usually one to enjoy having photos made, I usually feel self conscious so I took my comfort level into account when I chose them. I ended up going with...

Waynes View Photography

I had a wonderful experience with them and my photos turned out beautifully! I was very pleased with their work and enjoyed having them take our photos. I liked their work so much I'm going to have them do our anniversary photos in the future. I had zero problems with them or their work and highly recommend them if you are looking for a photographer. I would post some of our wedding photos but I don't want our faces online, i'm just private like that.

Hair & Makeup:
After more research I ended up going with Shannon at The Spa on Broadway. I liked the fact that it was a spa and when I talked to her she was super friendly. I knew when I contacted her she would be perfect to do my hair and makeup so I went with her. I was super pleased with her work and pricing, again no trouble to report. Need your hair done for the big day? Head over to the Spa on Broadway! I know if I ever need my hair done in MB again, I'll be heading over there.

Here is a shot of how my hair looked after she did it!

The Locations:
As I said earlier we chose Myrtle Beach State Park for the wedding and Huntington Beach State Park for the trash the dress photos.

Myrtle Beach State Park:
When I chose MBSP I hadn't actually ever been there before. I explained what I was looking for which was to have the wedding on the beach and was given the suggestion of MBSP. I did some research on it and looked at a ton of photos online, in the end the photos sold me. Myrtle Beach State Park is really pretty. There is a pier there, picnic areas, and so on. It's a nice place to hold a wedding, esp if you want to have a outdoor reception. If your not big on fancy stuff and just want something small and normal for a reception, the picnic shelters are a nice place for a reception. However be sure and book your reception site, they go fast!

Huntington Beach State Park:
Again I hadn't been to HBSP before but my photographer suggested it for the TTD photos. If I hadn't already planned for MBSP for the wedding I would have had the wedding there in a heartbeat. Huntington Beach State Park is absolutely stunning! It's beautiful, online photos really don't do it justice. There is a castle there (Atalaya) and it has palm trees all around and there is a beach there as well, obviously. I highly recommend this place for weddings and TTD photos, the place is breathtaking. If memory serves me correctly you can rent out the castle and have your wedding in the little yard, inside the castle walls. I think there is also tours of the castle as well for a small fee. I didn't get a chance to tour the castle but I did have photos made around the castle and on the beach. The photos turned out just beautifully and I had a great time that evening!

The Cake:
I had heard a lot about the place I chose to have my cake made, but had never been there or ate food from there. I ended up picking the place based mostly on popularity and things I had heard. They quoted me a decent price on the size cake we picked. The only complaints I have is that the pink color on the cake didn't turn out to be as bright as I wanted it to be, it was more of a bubblegum color then a hot pink. The other complaint I have was that the bow on the cake fell, but that wasn't the bakers fault. The bow when I picked the cake up was beautiful, it was tall and it just made the cake. The second we took the cake out into the 90 degree humid evening the bow just fell flatter then a sheet of paper. That was my fault, I should have planned for that better and didn't take into account the humid day. The cake its self no matter how it looked was the best cake I ever put into my mouth (not counting my mommas red velvet cake, NOTHING can top that!) My family still talks about that cake 3 years later, about how good it was and that they never tasted such a good cake in all their life. When we have anniversary photos made, I'm considering having the top part of the cake remade again for us to enjoy on our anniversary.The place we chose for our cake was...

Croisants Bistro & Bakery

My husband and I loved the cake so much, and highly recommend that place if you ever need a cake, super yummy! Ignore the flat bow, and here is what the cake looked like...

The Officiant:
This I was not super picky about, I only really had two requirements and one was that they was nice people and easy to be around. We ended up choosing..

A Southern Belle Wedding

A southern belle was great and I have no complaints. They were helpful, friendly and charged a fair amount, the price was good. I do recommend them for your wedding esp if you are looking for a non denominational wedding.

Where we staid:

The Holiday Inn at the Pavilion.

I have been staying at the hotel for years and chose to stay in it for our wedding and honeymoon. It's nothing super fancy but it is nice and it's right in downtown, in fact it's right across from the slingshot and the skywheel. I've always enjoyed staying there over the years and on our honeymoon was no different. We didn't do a super fancy room for the HM we just had a normal room, but we had a great time. They have 2 pools, a hot tub and a lazy river as well as a pool bar and it's ocean front! It's clean, and it's quiet so both those are a huge deal to me. I do recommend staying there any time you need a room, not just on your wedding or honeymoon.

Interested in seeing more of our wedding photos? Check out my Pinterest board!

If any of you have any questions about who I chose for the wedding or any other Myrtle Beach wedding and honeymoon related questions, feel free to ask me. I'll be more then happy to answer any questions you may have to the best of my ability.

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