Monday, November 26, 2012

Vera Bradley Wristlet - English Rose

I bought this Vera Bradley English Rose wristlet for my mother for Christmas. She has mentioned wanting a wristlet a few months ago but she never purchased one. She just got a new V.B. bag in English Rose and the style she bought was the Little Mandy. She mentioned that the wristlet might be good for days she didn't want to carry a bag so I decided to purchase it for her as a Christmas gift. I paid $34.00 for the wristlet, which is the original price. I have a couple of Vera Bradley wristlets myself however they have changed the wristlet. This one is the same size as far as width and length goes, however it is far more expandable then mine, which means it will hold much more. It also has a zipper inside and card slots, which mine does not have. I am actually really impressed with the new wristlet design, so much so that i'm considering purchasing a new one in Island Blooms for myself soon.

I think the Vera Bradley wristlets are a nice little thing to have around. I have two and have used them both for many different things over the years. I've carried just about everything you can think of in mine from change, makeup, and my cell phone. I love the fact they they are washable and tend to wash up well. If it gets dirty it's no problem, just toss it in the wash with the next load of laundry and bam, all pretty again.

Anyone else like the V.B. wristlet? What do you use yours for?

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