Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Benefit BADgal Lash Review

Benefit BADgal Lash
Grade: A
Purchase Place: Sephora
Purchase Price: Free
Regular Price: Small Size: $9.00  /  Full Size $19.00
FYI: I'm reviewing the smaller size BADgal Lash

Cap is actually silver, but seeing as how it was a cloudy day the camera flash for some reason made it look black.

After having to throw all of my drugstore eye products (shadows, liners, mascaras) away because for some reason they all irritate my eyes horribly and leave them blood red, not sure why they do now because they never used to. Anyway I needed a new mascara because I didn't have any since up until that point I only used drugstore mascara. Luckily at the time the 500 point Sephora gift was something I really wanted and it came with a small Benefit BADgal Lash, which I was excited to try. I've been using this mascara for about a month now and I really like it. The first thing that I love about BADgal Lash is that it does not clump up on me. Being that I had always bought drugstore mascara I was used to occasional clumping. However BADgal don't leave any clumps behind. I already have very long lashes naturally so I really don't need mascara but I do use it any way and tend to layer it on for extra oomph, I generally apply about three coats. When I use BADgal on my top lashes two coats work perfectly. The first coat lengthens and separates and the second gives more volume and definition, no need for a third coat with this mascara. On my bottom lashes I only use one coat and it looks wonderful, it lengthens and separates my bottom lashes perfectly. I really like how my lashes look when I use this mascara. Another great thing about this product is that it does not cause me any eye irritation, goodbye tired eye feeling and goodbye red eyes. Also BADgal does not flake or give me raccoon eyes. I can wear it all day and I have no problems, it wears wonderfully. I love the mascara brush; it's much bigger than any mascara brush I’ve ever used before. I find that this brush it easier to work with than others I’ve used in the past. As you can see I really like BADgal Lash by Benefit, so much so that I will more than likely be purchasing a full size of it at some point in the future.

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