Sunday, November 6, 2011

Kat Von D Angeles Palette Review and Swatches

Kat Von D Angeles Palette
Grade: B+
Purchase Place: Sephora
Purchase Price: $15.00
Angeles palette in the package

Back of the box

way the box opens

Angeles palette wrapped

Angeles palette unwrapped

Kat Von D Angeles palette

colors left to right: Venus, Leather, Specimen, Rehab, Peggy, Bukowski, Bellbottom, Morphine

Swatches taken in natural light without flash. Colors left to right: Venus, Leather, Specimen, Rehab, Peggy, Bukowski, Bellbottom, Morphine

The Kat Von D Angeles palette was something I had debated getting since the summer. The main reasons I was iffy about buying it was 1. the packaging, white packaging will get dirty fast and I like to keep my makeup containers looking nice and 2. I thought I could easily dupe every color in the palette and thought it was silly to buy a palette full of colors I probably already had. Every time I went to Sephora I always seemed to go look at this palette and swatch it and play the should I shouldn't I game. After a month or so of seeing the Angeles palette on sale for on $15.00 marked down a lot from original price I decided I might as well get it. After getting it and using it as well as comparing to colors I already had I am happy I bought it but yes I have half the colors in the palette already mostly the neutral ones. To me the brighter colors in the palette are well worth spending the 15 bucks, because while I have similar colors i don't have anything exactly like them and they are stunning. When you first open the box it opens from the bottom and folds out kind of like a folder. The palette comes wrapped in a shimmery charcoal colored paper with a pretty blue KVD sticker. After sliding the palette out of the paper I went ahead and opened it. Now I'm not sure if this is just my palette or all palettes but it is a little hard for me to get open, and when you are in the process of opening it, it's a little stiff to open, it doesn't open smoothly. Other than that upon opening of course the colors are stunning. The palette comes with 7 powder shadows and one cream shadow, along with two small brushes. The powder shadows are wonderful; they are very pigmented and soft. The cream shadow named Morphine I'm not to impressed with, it seems dried out. It's no so dried out i couldn't swatch it obviously but it just seems dry, clumpy and hard to work with. I hate it that the cream shadow is like that because it really is a pretty color. Morphine looks white in my swatch and it is white but it has a blue and green glittery, shimmery sheen to it that my camera didn't pick up. The brushes in the palette I find to be pretty much useless, I guess they could be used as liner brushes when you are in a bind. I don't see how they could be useful shadow brushes given how small they are. I have used this palette several days now and I love it, aside from the cream shadow I don't have any complaints. I find the powder eyeshadows to be long wearing and easy to work with the neutral colors are just as stunning as the brighter shades. Usually when I buy palettes there is at least one color in the palette I hate but not with this palette I love all of the colors in it. Also these eyeshadows didn't cause me any eye irritation, but the products I purchase from Sephora never seem to cause me any problems of that nature. Until I purchased this palette I had never purchased a Kat Von D product. After trying the Angeles palette I'm now interested in purchasing more of her palettes in the future.

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