Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Nail Of The Day #1 ELF Coral

elf coral with elf twinkle top coat

For my first swatch on my blog i decided to do Coral by ELF. I was actually very surprised at how much i loved this polish. I love what a beautiful color it is, a pinky golden color which looks gorgeous on it's own but i added a glitter topcoat of ELF Twinkle over it. I added 3 coats of Coral and 1 coat of Twinkle and i wore the polish for a little over a week without any chips at all. I ended up removing it at a little over a week due to just wanting a change of color, and right up until i removed the polish it still had no chips, which really shocked me. I figured it would be a polish that i could wear for one or two days than it would be chipped but i was very wrong. At $1 you really can't beat the price plus for the wear i got out of it i would say it's well worth it's dollar. I highly reccomend trying ELF nailpolishes, especially the coral.

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