Saturday, June 8, 2013

My Designer Handbag Collection

I've been meaning to do this post forever and a day and never do seem to get around to doing it, that was until today. I finally got together photos of my current handbag collection. At the moment all of my bags are from Coach except one and that is my LV Mono Speedy 35, which I treasure! I hope to expand my collection one day to include other designers then Coach but for now I'm pretty obsessed with Coach and I'm craving a LV Mono NF MM (hint hint, hubby of mine!!!!). If you follow my blog closely you have probably seen most of these bags except for a few. I didn't post the names with the bags or any other information because the box with all of my tags, receipts and information is currently put up to where I can't get to it very easily. When I am able to get to my box I will post more information on my bags but for now only photos will have to do.

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