Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Gifts 2012

Merry Christmas! Hope everyone is having a Good Christmas Eve! My family and I celebrated Christmas on Christmas Eve this year. At least as far as gift opening goes. Since a family member had to work on Christmas Eve evening and Christmas evening we decided to open gifts today and have dinner tomorrow, so that family member could participate and enjoy both gift opening and dinner.

I had a pretty good Christmas Eve today, and got several extra items that I had no clue I was getting. I knew two of the items and 5 of them I did not know anything about. I know have already posted most of my Christmas gifts ahead of time, however there are still a few things left to post.

I did take photos of most of the items except for 3 items and those three items I received that I didn't take photos of are: a Hobby Lobby gift card, a Hershey's cook book, and money. My husband took me to Olive Garden for Christmas Eve lunch before we went down to open gifts this afternoon. I got to eat my favorite meal Fettuccine Alfredo, Garlic Sticks and Lasagna Fritta. I LOVE Olive Garden. My hubby don't care much for it but always takes me when I want to go. Other then lunch and gifts, didn't do much else. I did watch half of "The Santa Clause" and later Hubby and I are going to watch my favorite Christmas movie of all time, "A Christmas Story". It's on 24 hours straight and I keep it on the TV pretty much the whole time and watch it off and on Christmas day.

Well is everyone ready for some instant reveals? Enjoy!

First off is the Coach Multi Lozenge Hangtag Charm! This is the Coach boutique item, I bought several days back that I posted teaser photos of and didn't want to open until Christmas. I adore this charm so much and can't wait to use it!

The second item I got was this Coach Poppy Wristlet. I had no clue I was getting this and I didn't ask for it specifically  it was a gift from my parents. I had mentioned I wanted another wristlet and just for it to be colorful. They got me exactly what I wanted and I'\m pretty happy with it. I don't own very many poppy items so i'm very happy to own this wristlet. The inside of it is really pretty, it's a strawberry satin.

The next thing I got or rather kept for myself is this Coach Signature umbrella. I originally got it as a gift for my grandmother. When I was out Christmas shopping one day I ran into something else I wanted to buy for her and give her more then this umbrella, so I got her something different and kept this for myself.

Another items I received was this Coach Tassel Charm. This was also a gift from my parents and I had asked for a Tassel for Christmas if they could find one at the outlet and sure enough they did manage to find me one. I'm super happy about this item, I've had my eye on the tassel charms for awhile now.

The last item I recieved was yet another gift from my parents and it is the Signature heart and key fob. I saw this and almost picked it up on my last trip to the outlet and regretted not getting it. Well my parents ended up getting it for me as a Christmas gift and I adore it, so happy to have it!

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