Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Victoria's Secret Collective Haul

This is a collective haul that is from Dec 25, 2011 - Jan 6, 2012. Being that i have been so busy lately I have not had time to post Christmas items or items I've purchased after Christmas so that is why this is going to be a collective haul. Most of these items was bought for me for Christmas and a handful of these was bought by me during the Semi Annual Sale that I believe is still going on at the moment.

The first item is  a makeup bag that I purchased during the Semi Annual Sale and i absolutely love this bag. It's very bright, much brighter than the photo shows, it's neon pink, orange and yellow on the outside and neon pink on the inside with a gold plate on the outside that says Victoria's Secret. Also sorry the photo didn't take very well. My camera is odd some days it takes better photos than others.

Next is some body sprays from left to right...Wild Scarlet, Love Spell, Endless Love, Mango Temptation, and Tender Whisper.

Even more body sprays and one shimmer spray from left to right....Love Spell shimmer spray, Enchanted Apple, Sheer Love and Be Seduced.

Lotions...Secret Charm (x2) and Tender Whisper.

Body sprays from left to right....Love Addict, Bombshell Seduction, Wild Kiss, Dream Angels Desire, Noir Tease, and Bombshell

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